The dawn of a new era in Energy Finance​

It’s time to recharge your understanding of energy and discover how you can harness the power of the sun and energy technologies for more than just a warm fuzzy feeling.
With a glowing reputation in the field, Lucent is changing the face of Energy and Finance forever. Our defining difference is our commitment to ensure that the customer receives an incredible incentive for doing the right thing. We wanted unmatched benefit that was light-years ahead of our competitors. And never before has it been possible to offer such value without compromise.

Illuminating the Energy landscape

Lucent is proactive in designing consumer-centric products and services that improve the daily lives of everyday earthlings.

We are an energetic team, driven by passion and a desire to influence change yet with the founding and diligence to ensure a long and radiant future for clients and stakeholders.

Lucent offers an array of services that each work together, complementing the company’s ethos to empower consumers with life-changing energy products. It is our commitment to improve today and be there tomorrow.

Escape control of toxic energy, harness true financial rewards and turn on the power of LUCENT.

Lucent… The power to live comfortably

Electricity prices are rising and there is nothing something you can do about it!

It’s daunting knowing that things are only going to get more expensive. Sometimes it seems like an endless pit of utility bills; but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Decentralised Consumer Power Networks 

Cutting Edge Solar and Battery Technologies

Green Solution Carbon Offset Finance 

Green Technology Incubator

Greener energy and finance solutions

We’ve made it easier than ever to go green! Please browse our range of products and financial services.
Solar Panels
Save on your electricity bills. Install a new solar system or upgrade an existing one.
Battery Wall
Get 24 hours per day savings. Store your excess energy for around the clock solar savings.
Virtual Plant
Make a profit on your excess energy. Setup a Virtual Power Plant and profit from feed-in tariffs.
Electric Car
Get a green vehicle. Get finance for an electric car and use solar to replace fuel costs.
Get a green personal loan. Pay for your solar, battery or car with a carbon offset personal loan.
Finance or refinance your home. If you have any green products, apply for residential finance or refinance.