Solar Panels

With significant experience in product selection, design, quality control and procurement, the team at Lucent hand selects the best product combinations to confidently meet the long term needs of our customers.
All products installed by Lucent’s installation partners come with industry-leading warranties, great after care service and comprehensive solar monitoring on all of our installed systems, giving you complete peace of mind that your investment will be performing at its best for many years to come.
Using the sun to generate energy instead of burning coal helps reduce the biggest cause of greenhouse gases in Australia. By installing a solar system, you’ll be saving money and doing your part for the environment!

Battery Energy

Do you get blackouts in your local area, or are you concerned about grid stability in the future? Install a Lucent Solar + Battery solution today and say goodbye to blackouts for good!
We help everyday Australians to access unlimited solar power and to generate extra income by providing support to become their own Micro Solar Plant (MSP). Becoming an MSP allows you to be fully energy self-sufficient and sell back your unused energy for additional income.