Electricity prices are rising and there is nothing something you can do about it!

It’s daunting knowing that things are only going to get more expensive. Sometimes it seems like an endless pit of utility bills; but there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Virtual Power Plant

Once you become an MSP you can also join a green energy network by plugging into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that gives you the ability to take control of your excess energy so you can maximise your returns and receive up to 2-3 times the normal feed-in tariffs.

Through the user-friendly VPP management system, we provide, that links your battery system to the grid you can trade the energy markets right from your own solar energy source. If you would rather sit back and relax while  your feed-in tariffs are optimised by dedicated professionals, a hands-off fully managed service is available too

Enquire today to learn how you can become an MSP and enjoy unlimited renewable energy while earning above average returns and doing your part for our planet.